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Josh Brent Released On Bond

Bond set at $500,000. His attorney says that's the kind of bond you get in a capital murder case.


On Sunday afternoon former Illini Josh Brent was released from jail on a $500,000 bond. Brent left the jail barefoot, and while he ignored questions from reporters, he did make one statement.

"Jerry Brown was my very best friend, and I'm just trying to deal with his death right now," said Brent.

Not a good enough friend to call a cab, though.

I'm not going to get on any moral high ground here, as I've been dumb enough to drive when I probably shouldn't have before, but I was the only person in the car. That being said, I knew it was wrong to do then, and I know it's wrong to do now.

It's never fucking worth it. Whether you risk your life by driving yourself, or you call a cab, you're destination is the same.

I just wish this was a lesson that Josh Brent could have learned in 2009.