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Your Latest Tim Beckman Rumors

Because it wouldn't be a week of our existence without wondering if Tim Beckman was going to be fired.


It's November, which means that college football coaches are going to start being fired in bunches. It's already started happening at Kentucky and it's reported to be close to happening at Auburn. You would think that since the Illini just went through a coaching search at the end of last season that a coaching change isn't anything we'd have to concern ourselves with.

You'd think that.

But of course, that's just not the way things have worked this season. Tim Beckman has just been so popular here that people already want him fired, and apparently there's a chance it might happen.


Multiple sources tell us that there is growing pressure on the administration at Illinois to fire Tim Beckman after only one season. While we still view that as unlikely to happen, there are serious issues at Illinois. The Illini fired Ron Zook, who won back to back bowls for the first time in the history of the program. Beckman inherited a team full of returning talent and has guided them to a 2-7 record. Sources confirm there are serious staff issues with several coaching looking to leave.

I don't doubt that there's growing pressure to fire Tim Beckman. It's obvious that many fans and alumni aren't a fan of what they've seen this season. But as I've said multiple times, I really don't think it's going to happen. Not unless he gets arrested for something.

Firing Beckman now wouldn't be good for anybody. You probably think it'd be better for the program in the long term, but you also have to ask yourself, which coach would want to replace him?

What head coach worth having is going to want to go to a school that fired a guy after his first season?

The answer is none.

Now, as the rumor hints at the end, and as we've gone over here before, I don't doubt at all that there is discord amongst the coaching staff. So I fully expect there to be plenty of turnover on the staff at the end of the season, and given the performance of this staff, I won't be shedding any tears.

It's just none of the changes on this coaching staff will involve Tim Beckman.