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Jonathan Brown Won't Play Against Minnesota

Brown hurt his shoulder against Ohio State.


During his press conference on Monday Tim Beckman said he's know more about the status of Jonathan Brown on Tuesday. Well, it's Tuesday and Beckman definitely knows more about the status of Jonathan Brown.

And what he knows isn't good.

Beckman said that Brown will not play against Minnesota this weekend thanks to the shoulder injury he suffered against Ohio State. Beckman said Brown's status will be "week to week" for the rest of the season.

Obviously, this is not good news for the Illini. This Minnesota game definitely falls under the category of winnable, but without one of our best players on defense, the difficulty level only increases. Freshman linebacker Mike Svetina will replace Brown in the starting lineup.

Hopefully Brown will be able to return for the Purdue and Northwestern games to finish the season. We definitely need him out there.