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Rock The Vote: Who Is Your Starting Quarterback?

Vote in an election where your vote actually matters.*


As you know, today millions of Americans will head out to their nearest fire station or a local church, step into a booth and vote for President and a bunch of other things. As you also know, none of that stuff is nearly as important as Illinois football.

Illinois football is what keeps America running. Illinois football keeps Johnny Terrorist out of Little Jimmy and Little Susie's bedroom at night. Illinois football makes the trains run on time.

And right now, at this key juncture of Illinois football, The Champaign Room has a much more important election for you to vote in.

Who would you like to see start at quarterback against Minnesota on Saturday?

The Champaign Room produced its own propaganda for this race yesterday. Read it if you haven't already. If you have, or if you're just strong of conviction, proceed to voting.

*Cannot guarantee that Tim Beckman and the Illinois coaching staff will make decision based on results