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Week 10 Blogpoll Ballot: Survival Saturday

While the top four teams all won this weekend, there is still movement on The Champaign Room's Blogpoll ballot this week.

Matthew Stockman

Take away our game against Ohio State -- gladly! -- and Saturday was probably the most entertaining Saturday of the season. We had both Alabama and Notre Dame in positions where you thought they were going to lose, only to comeback and remain undefeated. We had Oregon get into a fun shootout with USC to show us what they can do when forced to play an entire 60 minutes, and we had Kansas State get by even though Collin Klein had an off night and got hurt.

Oh, and there were tons of other exciting games across the country. Games that didn't involve you banging your head into a wall for three hours as you watched Ohio State beat up the Illini.


1. Alabama - Hard to not keep Alabama in the top spot. Yeah, the Tide nearly lost and pretty much got dominated by LSU on Saturday night, but they pulled it out. They beat a top five team on the road in a place that's damn near impossible to win at even though they weren't at their best. I'm pretty sure that just further proves how good Alabama actually is this season.

2. Oregon - The Ducks jump up from third to second this week thanks to the strength of their win over USC while Notre Dame struggled with Pitt. Now, while I've already mentioned the Oregon offense and everybody is talking about Kenjon Barner, it's important that we all remember that when forced to play an entire 60 minutes the Ducks defense also allowed 615 total yards and 51 points. So early reports of Oregon's defense being one of the best in the country may have been exaggerated.

3. Kansas State - Kansas State also jumps Notre Dame in my formula this week. I think this weekend just further proved that the Wildcats aren't just Collin Klein. Aside from Alabama, this just might be the most complete team in the country, as it's good in all three phases of the ball. Man I want to see Collin Klein against the Alabama defense.

4. Notre Dame - The Irish win, but they drop two spots. That's what happens when you need a whole lot of breaks and three overtimes to beat Pitt at home. Though I think this game showed how resilient this Notre Dame team actually is. It's just it also showed that this Notre Dame team is still flawed, win over Oklahoma or not.

5. Ohio State - I wrote over at CBS this morning that it might be a bit of a blessing in disguise for the Buckeyes that they're ineligible this season. At the moment Ohio State seems destined to go 12-0, but the Big Ten has been so weak this year that even if Ohio State went 13-0 and won the BIg Ten, it might still be on the outside looking in if two of the teams in front of it remained undefeated as well. So the NCAA has saved the Buckeyes from further frustration.


-- I have more respect for Louisville than the polls. Though I still have them ranked behind a one-loss Georgia and a one-loss Florida. And I should. Louisville is undefeated, yes, but it's most impressive win is 3-point overtime win against a Cincinnati team that lost to Toledo. Also, the Cardinals make close games a habit just like Notre Dame does, except Louisville's competition hasn't been nearly as tough as Notre Dame's.

-- Clemson is ranked higher than Florida State. Yeah, that annoys me too, but the formula says what the formula says. I mean, the formula looks at Clemson and sees a team whose only loss is to Florida State. It sees Florida State and sees a team that lost to a North Carolina State team that just got BLOWN OUT by a bad Virginia team at its homecoming. And that's why the Seminoles drop a spot.

-- Illini are still Kingmakers. We've seen what the Illini have done for Indiana in recent weeks, but how about Louisiana Tech? The Bulldogs are ranked 12th in my rankings. That loss looks better and better every week.

-- Fucking Toledo, man. It was painful to see Toledo show up at 25th in the BCS rankings, but they're here too, which hurts even worse because these are my rankings. There are four MAC teams on my ballot and only one Big Ten team. The Big Ten, ladies and gentlemen!


Nebraska, Central Florida, Utah State, Texas Tech, Mississippi State


Of the 84 teams currently ranked in my formula the Illini are 81st. Yep, ahead of only Kentucky, Kansas and Colorado. Celebrate good times, come on.