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Jabari Parker Says Bruce Weber's Firing Is Why He's Not Interested In Illinois

Parker was on Chicago radio Friday morning and said the coaching change from Bruce Weber to John Groce is what led to him removing Illinois from his list of schools.

Jonathan Daniel

The dream of Jabari Parker in Champaign died long ago, and considering the start that the Illini are off to this season -- both on the court and in recruiting -- under John Groce, it doesn't really sting all that much. Yeah, it would have been great to have Jabari, even if only for one season, but things are on the right track without him.

And as it turns out, having Parker in Champaign may have actually been a bad thing for Illinois basketball. While on the Waddle and Silvy Show on Friday morning, Parker said that if Bruce Weber were still coach, Illinois would still be in his top five.

"Like I said, DePaul, I put them on my list, and I was considering Illinois. The reason I took Illinois off was because I didn't know John Groce and his staff. DePaul, I really had a good relationship with Jerry Wainwright before he resigned. Getting a new coaching staff just messed it up. The schools I picked, the coaches have been there a real long time. "

Parker went as far to say Illinois would have been on his final list if Weber was still there.

"They would," Parker said. "Me and Bruce, he's been recruiting me since seventh grade. He knows me probably more than any of the other coaches on the circuit right now."

So getting Jabari Parker would have meant keeping Bruce Weber.

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I'm happy Jabari no longer wants to come to Illinois.