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The Illini Are Ranked In Both The AP And Coaches Poll

The 7-0 start to the season was good enough to help the Illini crack the Top 25 in both major polls.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Basketball season is just the best.

The latest AP and Coaches Polls were released today, and guess which school happens to be ranked #22 in both polls. That's right, US.

Which is not unexpected because the winner of the Maui Invitational normally finds its way to the rankings -- if not already there -- especially when it's undefeated like we are. Even if two of those wins were buzzer beaters against Hawaii and Gardner-Webb.

Still, it's pretty awesome to see, even if this is the only week it happens. I wasn't sure that the Illini would be ranked at any point this season, so to see them crack the polls this early in the year is pretty nice. Even if there are still plenty of reasons to believe life will be tougher once Big Ten play starts.

But for now, let's just enjoy it. And beat Georgia Tech on Wednesday to assure we're still ranked next week as well.