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The Sweet And Merciful End

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Our beloved and begrudged Illini travel to Evanston. Can we upset the Northwestern Wildcats?


So it's come to this.

This is the first season since I became a devout Illini fan that I can remember being happy that the season was finally ending. Even in the pitiful abomination of a season that was my senior year (2009), I still remembered feeling sad that it was over when that damned lineman fell across the goal line.

But this year? It's like a sweet wave of relief. A sweet, saccharine infused wave of sickening release. Back when this place was known as Hail to the Orange /pauses to empty Colt .45 onto the floor/ I was one of the key Tim Beckman hypemen. Now I just ready to see what he can do in his sophomore season without seniors who just gave up on him. I have sources. It hasn't been pretty.

But this is still Northwestern. And if we're going to be a turd this season, we should at least be one incredibly thorny and ornery dingleberry. I would like to win at least one of the three trophy games this year and this is obviously our last shot. How about we ruin someone else's senior day?