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What The Champaign Room Is Thankful For

Get off the computer and go watch some football and eat a lot of food.

Just one thing I'm grateful for
Just one thing I'm grateful for
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Happy Thanksgiving, Champaigniacs*. Barring some kind of huge news breaking, this will be the only post on The Champaign Room today. And since it's Thanksgiving, it seems like a good time to list a few things we're thankful for here.

-- Illini basketball. I don't harbor any notion that Illinois is going to win the Big Ten and make a deep tournament run after these first five games of the season, I'm just grateful that we have something to enjoy right now.

-- John Groce. Five games and one recruiting class in and you already have my support, sir.

-- Northwestern being so easy to make fun of. I don't actually hate you, Northwestern, but look at you. You're 5-foot-6, weigh 135 pounds and wear purple all the damn time. I was never a bully growing up, nor am I one now, but when I see you, the only thing I can think of doing is punching you. Because equations can't fight back.

-- That Bruce Weber is at Kansas State. I never grew to actively dislike Bruce like many of you, but I'm so very happy that he's gone now. Watching the Illini run up and down the court without hearing Bruce yell at them to slow down or not to shoot has been a godsend.

-- That Saturday is the last day of the football season. You've been dead for a while, but now we can finally bury you.

-- All of you. Not only is today Thanksgiving, but it's also The Champaign Room's one month birthday. The first month has been great, but I'm looking forward to many, many, many better months ahead.

Thank you.

*Don't worry, it's not going to stick