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Week 12 Blogpoll Ballot: What The Hell Happened?

You know I grew up a Notre Dame fan, right? This weekend wasn't all bad for me.

Jonathan Daniel

I had been planning on getting this up Monday morning like I usually do, but then all hell broke loose. You know, since a Saturday full of upsets just wasn't enough for college football, Maryland and Rutgers had to go and join the Big Ten.

Which led to me not having much time to write about my Blogpoll ballot, but I voted, and I'm sharing it now, damn it.

Nobody can take my Blogpoll ballot away from me!


1. Notre Dame - So, yeah, Notre Dame is atop not only my ballot but the BCS standings. These are strange days indeed. And while I'm sure seeing Notre Dame with the #1 next to it drives many of you insane, do not count me amongst you. For you see, I grew up a Notre Dame fan, and I still am one to this day. So I'm both thrilled and terrified by this because I know that a Matt Barkley-less USC will now trounce the Irish.

2. Alabama - So that loss to Texas A&M hurt just as much as last year's loss to LSU. The Tide are sitting pretty, because no matter what happens elsewhere, all Alabama has to do is beat Auburn and then beat Georgia in the SEC title game and it gets to defend its title.

3. Ohio State - Holy shit, Ohio State. I was just being an asshole last week when I made the comment about hoping you enjoyed the Gator Bowl last season, but now I just feel bad for you. Had the administration done the smart thing last year you are a win over Michigan away from playing for a national title right now. Seriously, you may be third in my poll, but you'd be higher in the human polls if the coaches could vote for you and the AP thought there was a point to it.

4. Oregon - The Ducks only fall three places here and they shouldn't fall any further than that. Yeah they lost, but they lost to a Stanford team that's looked very good lately in overtime. Oregon just lost in the wrong season because a few years from now its no feather off its back because it's still in the playoff picture.

5. Georgia - I really do feel like Georgia is overrated. Yeah, it beat Florida, but if you saw that game there was nothing impressive about the victory. And aside from Florida the Bulldogs best win is Vanderbilt or Ole Miss. Which means it will probably lose to Georgia Tech this week and then crush Alabama in Atlanta because LOL.


-- The formula does not appreciate FCS wins. This is why South Carolina and Texas A&M both drop a bit this week even though they won. Stanford climbing four spots into the top ten also plays a role. As for Florida climbing, that only happened because of Kansas State's loss.

-- Losing to Baylor by 28 is not the same as losing to Stanford. Kansas State has better wins this year than Oregon does. However, losing by 28 to a Baylor team with the worst defense in the country is going to fuck your shit up in my formula because margin of victory is a factor. That's why the Wildcats fall five spots.

-- Northern Illinois is still the best team in the state. Thank god we don't have to play them.

-- Oklahoma is still getting no respect. Of course, considering it got in a shootout against a West Virginia team and held on by a point while Kansas State curbstomped the Mountaineers in Morgantown earlier this season, maybe the formula has it right. Maybe the rest of us are giving the Sooners too much respect.

-- Utah State is a team that is ranked. And Illinois is a team that is 2-9.


Louisiana Tech, San Jose State, Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Fresno State


The Illini actually fall a spot this week. From #81 to #82. This is because Kentucky got a win against an FCS school last weekend to match us, but it's FBS win is Kent State. Our FBS win is Western Michigan. So Kentucky is better than us now, you guys.