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The Day After: We Are The Doormat

The Big Ten losing streak hits lucky number 13 and it is not likely to be broken until 2013.


I wasn't able to watch this game live for the most part because I was covering multiple games in the same time slot over at CBS, but my initial reaction before sitting down to actually watch the game was being thrilled at seeing the Illini had scored two touchdowns on offense.

That's how sad this season has been. The fact that this team was able to score not only one, but two touchdowns on offense in four quarters was deemed a reason to be thankful. And it should be considering that the Illini went eight quarters without scoring an offensive touchdown.

Then I watched the game, and as you'd expect, the good feelings faded fast.

This season is going to finish at 2-10 with the Illini winless in the Big Ten. Purdue was our last chance at a win, and we can't even beat a team that was already searching for a new head coach two weeks ago. As bad as things have been with this team in 2012, there have been some trends that are even more alarming than the fact we keep losing.

Indiana came to Champaign and won its first Big Ten game in 23 months. It would then beat Iowa but follow that up by losing to Wisconsin and Penn State by a combined score of 107-36.

Then Minnesota would come to Champaign and win its first Big Ten road game since November 13, 2010. Which, not coincidentally, was the last time Minnesota travelled to Champaign. The win also made Minnesota bowl eligible for the first time since 2009. The Gophers followed up that win by getting beat up by Nebraska yesterday.

Finally, Purdue came to Champaign and never trailed. This was the first time the Boilermakers had won back-to-back Big Ten road games since 2009.

In their last three home games the Illini have played three teams that have gone 31-86 in Big Ten games since the 2008 season. Those three teams went 3-0 in Champaign this season, outscoring the Illini 68-37 in the process. Three teams that have allowed an average of 30.13 points per game against other opponents this season allowed 37 points total -- or 12.33 per game -- against the Illini.

In Champaign.

The only good thing there truly is to say about yesterday's loss to Purdue is that it's over and there is only one game left. Next week we are going to get our ass kicked by Northwestern. There's no reason to even pretend otherwise.

We are going to finish 2-10, and we will not be winning a Big Ten game until 2013 at the earliest.

Illinois football, the doormat's doormat.