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Purdue 20 Illinois 17: Drowning In The Misery

Illinois loses yet another conference game. The sun rises in the east.


You could say Purdue won, but it feels much more like Illinois lost than Purdue won. So it goes.

I've got nothing.

Taylor Zalewski nailed a 54 yard field goal. That is the list of highlights from this game.

Ryan Lankford fumbled twice before the first quarter was even 60% done. He then left to a mysterious injury.

Tim Beckman decided to run the clock out at the end of the second quarter instead of taking one last shot at a score. The fans were not happy. I was not happy. No one has ever been happy. Happiness was a myth and a lie. Remember when you used to think things were good and you woke up happy and someone made you dinner and held you when things went wrong?

All. A. Lie.

This is Illinois football. It is awful and terrible and nothing is good. And still we watch it.