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The Disappointment Bowl: Purdue vs Illinois

What should have been a battle of the dark horses turned out to be a match up of two lame nags. This is your gamethread.

Please to be giving me your souls.
Please to be giving me your souls.

Remember how happy we were this summer? This could be our year! We were healthy, our opponents were blocked from the postseason, we finally got a new coach! Everything was coming up Milhouse!

And then everything went Milhouse. The two "don't sleep on these teams" of the Leaders Division both wound up crapping the bed and what should have been a very exciting Senior's Day in Champaign is just going to be a cold Saturday with low attendance thanks to both indifference and students leaving for break.

Something to watch for? I guess we might be able to take solace in being the Minnesota to Danny Hope's Ron Zook. Hope needs to win a bowl game to save his job. Why don't we help our friends in West Lafayette out and get him canned all while bringing home my favorite Monopoly piece?

But it's okay! Because I'm finally back in the Land of Lincoln (for a week)! (Non-existent) ladies and gentlemen, this is your gamethread.