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Illinois Gets Commit From Juco Safety

Beckman has said that the Illini will hit the juco ranks to fill holes, and they may have helped fill one of those holes with Zane Petty.


The juco ranks to the rescue!

While we can't be sure this will fix any of our problems, we do know that the Illini planned on hitting the juco ranks this year to help fill some holes in the 2013 roster, and they think they've found somebody they can use. Safety Zane Petty from American River Community College in California has committed to the Illini.

"I am very grateful that they think I am good enough to play there," Petty said. 'I like what I've seen so far from them and think it's a great opportunity for me. And that is why I verbally committed to them yesterday."

Petty's main recruiter was cornerbacks assistant coach Steve Clinkscale, but he has also been talking frequently with head coach Tim Beckman. The two coaches have made a strong impression.

"Clinkscale came out and visited my school not too long ago," Petty said. "He seems like a good guy, funny guy. And Coach Beckman seems pretty nice as well. I've talked to him over the phone, on Facebook, and I've seen him on interviews and things too. He seems like a good guy."

What do you think Tim Beckman does on Facebook all day? I can't decide between clicking Like on pictures of other people's babies, or playing Farmville.

Do they still play Farmville? I'm never on my Facebook anymore.

As for Petty, he leads his conference with 86 tackles and 6 interceptions, but take that with a grain of salt because it is a junior college conference. Still, it's nice to see that this staff knows where the problems are and is at least trying to fix them.

Because with both Supo Sanni and Patrick Nixon-Youman leaving after this season, we're definitely going to need somebody to step in and play.