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Minnesota 17 Illinois 3: So You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse


Not as embarrassing as the actual team.
Not as embarrassing as the actual team.
US Presswire

U-God is busy saving horsies from asthma, and I'm incredibly busy with work, so this recap will be quick. I'll have a much more in depth recap tomorrow, though, as I always do.

So, yeah. The Illini just got held to 3 points at home by Minnesota. The Illini managed a whole 276 yards of offense today. A week after managing 170 yards against Ohio State. That's 446 yards of offense in two games.

Wisconsin rushed for 564 yards today in a single game. Against an Indiana team that beat us 31-17 two weeks ago.

That's Illinois football right now. And that's alcohol in your home.

Get it. Drink it.

Try to forget.