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Aaron Bailey Expects To Play This Weekend

The prize of the Illini 2013 recruiting class is ready to get back on the field.

"We're losing to Indiana, bro! High five!"
"We're losing to Indiana, bro! High five!"

We can all agree that it's not too early to look forward to the 2013 season, right? I mean, it's a hell of a lot better than writing yet another post about how terrible 2012 is.

Plus, I think that when it comes to Illinois football, we could all use some good news. And good news is what I happen to have for you!

Aaron Bailey is the prize commit of Tim Beckman's first recruiting class. The four-star quarterback of the defending Class 8A state champion Bolingbrook Raiders committed to the Illini back in April. However, since making that commitment, he's had as rough a season as the Illini have had.

Bailey hasn't played since late September when he sprained his MCL, but he told that he plans on returning to action this Saturday when Bolingbrook plays its second round playoff game.

"I suited up for the Sandburg game, but I didn't play," Bailey told the site. "I should be back for the Neuqua Valley game. I feel about 95% right now."

There's a part of me that would like Bailey to miss the rest of the season just to make sure he doesn't damage his knee any further. But then there's the other part of me. The one that isn't an asshole and would rather have a quarterback on campus next year that hasn't been sitting around for over six months without playing football.

And if you were wondering if this terrible season has had any effect on Bailey's commitment, I have some bad news for you. Aaron was in Champaign on Saturday during the loss against Indiana.

The good news is he doesn't care that the Illini lost.

"They have a great group of coaches, and I'm really glad I committed to Illinois. It's beyond football, and they understand that. We want to come in and change it. They are struggling a little bit, but it's only going to get better."

It can't get much worse.