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Is There A Big Ten Win On The Schedule?

Do you feel that you aren't depressed enough about Illinois football already? Would you like to be more depressed? Well, The Champaign Room has good news for you.


October 8, 2011.

That was the last time Illinois won a Big Ten football game. Since then it's been 10 straight conference losses for the Illini, with our win against UCLA being the only game we've won in that span. In those 10 straight conference losses the Illini have been outscored 276-104. That's an average score of 27.6-10.4.

Since the Illini went to the Rose Bowl following the 2007 season they have gone 11-25 in conference play. And when looking at the last four games on the Illinois schedule this year -- unless they qualify for a bowLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -- it's not difficult to see that record dropping to 11-29.

Is there a game left on the schedule that Illinois can win this season? Well, let's break it down game by game.

at Ohio State

Seriously? I know the Illini have gone to Columbus and done some crazy things in the past, but if you think there's an actual chance that this team is going to beat Ohio State this weekend then you have the best drug dealer in the world and you should send them a card letting them know how much you appreciate them.

vs. Minnesota

This game seemed somewhat winnable a few weeks ago, but that changed when the Gophers put a beat down on Purdue this weekend. This offense just looks better with freshman quarterback Philip Nelson running the offense as it seems Jerry Kill might have his new Chandler Harnish. I'd consider the Gophers a favorite here.

vs. Purdue

THE LAST BASTION OF HOPE. Honestly, this is the most realistic chance at a win. Purdue has been just as terrible as the Illini, and Danny Hope is a lame duck coach. Hell, he might be fired by the time this game happens -- I doubt it but it's possible.

at Northwestern

I would love nothing more than for the Illini to be 0-7 going into the final weekend of the season and cost Northwestern a shot at the Legends Division. That's the dream scenario because Tim Beckman told me that Northwestern is my rival and I JUST HATE TEDDY GREENSTEIN'S BIG TEN TEAM SO MUCH. It's not going to happen, though. Northwestern is so much better than us at football that we should probably just all kill ourselves.

Or we could just watch basketball. Yeah, let's just watch basketball.