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Tim Beckman Has Lost 22 Pounds

The losing is getting to the coach.


It can't be said that the losing isn't getting to Tim Beckman. At the end of his post-game press conference on Saturday Beckman was asked how he was doing and how he was handling the losing.

It turns out that games aren't the only thing Beckman's losing right now.

"Awesome! How do I look?" Beckman answered. "I've lost 22 pounds."

"You think I like losing? I haven't been around it. I hate it."

You can hear it yourself right here, just fast forward to the nine-minute mark.

As Mark Tupper points out, Beckman isn't the only coach that's suffered from some rapid weight loss around these parts lately. Bruce Weber began shedding the pounds last winter as his basketball team crawled toward the finish line and rumors of his job security swirled.

We all know how that ended for Weber.

Now, I don't think Beckman is going to lose his job this season, nor do I think his weight loss is related to the stress of hearing about his job security from fans who would like nothing more than to see the Illini conduct another coaching search this winter.

No, I'm pretty sure this is the result of a coach who isn't eating or sleeping because he's too busy trying to fix what's wrong with his football team.

I do not envy the man. Though I could afford to lose 22 pounds myself, so maybe I should apply for a job on his staff.