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So All Our Coaches Hate Each Other Apparently

Just what you want to read about a coaching staff in its first season at the school after a 2-5 start: NOBODY LIKES EACH OTHER.


On Tuesday I wrote about the problems that Tim Beckman has been facing during his first season in Champaign and I tried to calm down those among us who feel that Beckman and his entire staff need to go even though we're only seven games into this crazy experiment.*

So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to find out about problems amongst the coaching staff. Not just with the actual coaching of players, but with each other. So thanks to quhawks12 for pointing out John Supinie's story in The State Journal-Register.

His coaching ability already debated, Beckman and his staff trudged into the bye week looking for self-evaluation.

According to sources close to the program, the Illini headed out of it with a dysfunctional coaching staff bickering over their roles and direction of the offense.

A former defensive coordinator, Beckman became more involved with the offense during the season, the sources said, and limited the decision-making of co-offensive coordinator Chris Beatty. Beckman's plan with the offense changed week to week, thus forcing the Illini offense to change with it rather than developing an identity.

/drinks entire bottle of Clorox

Awesome news, right?

According to Supinie, Beckman split practice on Tuesday so he could work with both sides of the team, which is only natural for a head coach. I mean, when you're the figurehead of the program, you like to have a say in what's going on. The problem is it seems Beckman has a difficult time picking a plan and sticking to it, which would be incredibly frustrating to any coordinator.

Maybe Tim can return to Toledo for dinner with Matt Campbell, drug Campbell and then steal his playbook. Then just bring that thing back to Champaign and throw it down on Chris Beatty's desk saying "Here. Let's do all this."

The good news is winning could heal a lot of potential wounds that may have been created during the bye week, and Indiana is definitely a team that you can consider beatable. The bad news is that Illinois is also very beatable and if Indiana beats us this weekend things are only going to get worse.

Either way it sounds like there will be changes on the coaching staff next season.

*I'd like to thank you all for giving me more than seven posts before demanding a new Illinois blogger