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Jonathan Brown is a Butkus Award Semifinalist

Somebody has not only been watching Illinois football this season, but they found something good about it too.


If you're here reading this post then I don't need to tell you how terrible life has been for Illinois football in 2012. This past weekend was the most enjoyable weekend of the season because the Illini were on a bye, and therefore weren't busy getting hammered by a Big Ten opponent.

However, not everything about this Illinois football team is terrible. Linebacker Jonathan Brown is actually pretty good at the playing of the football, and he's actually getting some love because of it.

The Butkus Award, which is given out annually to the best linebacker in the country -- and is named after some guy named Dick Butkus who most people remember as coach Mike Katowinski on Hang Time, but also played linebacker for the Chicago Bears and, oh yeah, went to Illinois -- released its list of 12 semifinalists today, and Jonathan Brown is on it.

Brown has 44 tackles so far this season, leading the team with 6.5 tackles for loss and he's tied for the team lead with 2.5 sacks.

If Jonathan wins the award, he'd be the first Illinois player since Kevin Hardy in 1995.