Behind Enemy Lines

A Q&A with Northwestern's SB Nation Blob, Sippin On Purple

The Poor Side Of Town

The Wildcats appear to have patterned their success after Icarus.

Illini Are 3.5-Point Underdogs To The NUrds


Thank You, Football Gods


The Chief Is In Evanston

Illinois: Evanston's Big Ten Team

When Will Pat Fitzgerald Accept The USC Job?

It's only a matter of time before Pat Fitzgerald ditches Evanston to take over Los Angeles' Pac-12 Team.

So Northwestern Has A Tarp....

And I really wish I could make fun of it.

Study Says Northwestern Has Worst B1G Fans

This is not an opinion. This is the result of an actual study.

Chicago's Big Ten Team My Ass

Much like Northwestern home games, there were far more fans of other schools in town for the B1G 10K.


Northwestern Is Creative


Who Is The Northwestern Bagman?

I think we all know, it's just The Champaign Room is the only site brave enough to say it.

The NUrds Have Won

Evanston bar cancels Illinois Caravan stop.

Both Northwestern Fans Plot Against The Illini

The Fighting Illini Caravan will be making a stop in Evanston on May 8 and the two Northwestern fans in existence plan on being heard.

Northwestern Hires Chris Collins

Get ready for white guys falling down a lot.

Kendall Gill Punched Tim Doyle

Kendall Gill is your hero

Bill Carmody Fired

On Saturday morning Northwestern fired Bill Carmody after 13 seasons.


GameThread: Illinois vs Indiana

Day two of the B1G Tournament begins

Indiana Wants Revenge

And here I was hoping the Hoosiers would never have a chance to get it.

State Of Hate: Indiana

Indiana is a terrible place and deserves your scorn.

State Of Hate: Minnesota

Minnesota is an awful, awful place.

The 2014 Football Class Has Its First Member

Only 11 months until signing day!

A Bridge Too Far

Purdue's latest act of aggression against the Illini is the final straw.


Video: Orange Krush Takes Over Tricycle Race

Since Northwestern plays in a high school gym it likes to play with children's toys.

Illinois 62 Northwestern 41

See, now that's how a basketball game between Illinois and Northwestern is supposed to look.

Beware The Wounded Wildcats

Northwestern has been devastated by injuries this year, but the Illini can't take it for granted on Sunday in Evanston.

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