Game Recaps

Clemson 50, Illinois 49: Offseason


The last game defined the season and the Illini are done. Enjoy your hibernation. I'll see you beautiful people in November.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Illinois 66, Boston 62: Slow-Cooked Roadkill


It was looking pretty bleak there in the first half. Then Rayvonte Rice feasted on some Terrier to move Illinois into the NIT second round.

Michigan 64, Illinois 63: Just A Bit Short


The Illini held their own against the Big Ten's top team, but came up lame in the final two minutes.

Illinois 64, Indiana 54: Survive and Advance


The Illini strangled the Hoosiers on defense in a 64-54 victory and advance to the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals on Friday.

Illinois 66, Iowa 63: Jon 3Key Kills the Hawkeyes


Jon Ekey nails a last second 3-pointer to beat Iowa and provide one of the best moments of the 2013-14 season.

Michigan 84, Illinois 53: Thumped


Nik Stauskas likely sealed his Big Ten Player of the Year fate tonight, as he and the rest of the Wolverines shot the lights out of Assembly Hall en route to an unshared Big Ten Championship.

Illinois 53, Michigan St. 47: A Total Team Effort


The Illini took advantage of Michigan State's butter-fingers, scoring 25 points off turnovers in the upset victory.



We cant be worse than .500 now, so suck it, haters.

Illinois 62, Minnesota 49: Barnstorming


Buckets on buckets. Defense on defense. VICTORY.

OSU-48 , Illinois-39 : Everything's Bad


This has been one terrible basketball season and it's slowly limping towards the finish line.



Here's your concession speech.

Wisconsin 75, Illinois 63: We Lost, Quietly


The stadium was empty, the season's ultimate goal was out of reach, and Wisconsin hit garbage 3-pointers. There was no hope on Tuesday night.

Indiana 56, Illinois 46: My Eyes Hurt


Illinois went into Bloomington, lost, and looked helpless doing it. I'm not sure where they'll find their next win.

Final: Illinois Gets Winnable Game, Loses


Both teams played poorly enough to lose, and the Illini decided to let Ohio St. have it. This one should have been won.

MSU-ILLINOIS FINAL: A Lame, Boring, Hopeless Loss


Michigan State stifled every run, made every big shot and proved to everyone in Illinois that they are much, much better.

NW 49, Illinois 43: Just Walk Away


The game somehow managed to be uglier than Northwestern's shorts.

Wisconsin 95, Illinois 70: And, We Are Humbled


The Illini got run out of Madison on Wednesday night in a non-competitive, one-sided drubbing. Bo Ryan has our number.

Illinois 72 Dartmouth 65


Here are some thoughts on a game I didn't see.

Illinois 81 Auburn 62


Holy hell the Illini were hot on Sunday.

Georgia Tech 67 Illinois 64


The Illini suffer their first loss by absolutely giving one away in Atlanta.

The Day After: And So Our Season Comes To An End


Our final loss of the season felt like so many of the other ones.

Northwestern 37, Illinois 34: That's All Folks


And just like that, the 2013 season comes to a close.

Illinois 57 IPFW 55


I hope we just played our worst game of the season.

Illinois 61 UNLV 59


Big test, big win.

The Day After: Fifth Place Champs


The Day After enters uncharted territory.

Illinois 20, Purdue 16: THE STREAK IS OVER


It's been two long years, but the Illini have finally won a conference game again.

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