Basketball Recruiting

Illini Hoops: 2015 Recruiting Overdrive

Will 2015 be the year that Illinois keeps its highest rated player in state? A look at a new list of rankings and where the Illini stack up

Meyers, Jereme, and What Might Have Been

Senior Night celebrated the Illini careers of Joseph Bertrand and Jon Ekey. What would this season look like if the class of 2010 was still playing?

Lessons We've Learned From Illini Recruiting

Charles Matthews chose Kentucky this morning, but thanks to the things we've learned over the past few years, it doesn't really hurt.

Illini Bball Roundup: Krush, CPL, D.J.'s Return

All hoops, all the time, even when it hurts.

Looking For A Point Guard: The D-Jax-taposition

John Groce needs to find a top rated point guard. Will a previous recruiting failure prove to work out now?

Basketball Recruiting '15: Go To Your Happy Place

There is a lot of potential in the 2015 recruiting class. Who will join our current commitments in leading the Illini to the promised land?

Basketball Recruiting Class Of '14: Real Talk

Take a look at a detailed description of all members of the new basketball recruiting class. They even have nicknames now!

Illini Interested In Juco Point Guard

It turns out the 2014 class may not be filled after all.

Time To Find Your New Obsession

Now that we've been burned by Cliff Alexander it's time we all pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and make sure we didn't learn any lessons.


Video: John Groce Signing Day Press Conference

I like our coach.


Cliff Isn't Coming

And darkness washed over The Champaign Room.

Leron Black has signed his letter of intent

No Quentin Snider stuff going on here.

Quentin Snider Signs With Louisville

So he completed the first 360 of his college career.


The Night Before Cliffmas

'Twas the night before Cliffmas, when all through the Krush Not one soul dared to hope it, not even a hush. Their striped socks were hung by their orange shirts with care, In hopes that a Humble...

Cliffmas Eve Ruminations

We're about one day out from learning where Cliff Alexander will be playing next year. Savor the tension. SAVOR IT.

Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones also making announcement on Friday

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I don't know, and you don't either. You'll find out on Friday.

Cliff won't cut list down before Friday

In spite of the rumors that he would cut a team this week before announcing on Friday, Alexander's mom said he's not cutting anybody. So on Friday it's down to Illinois, Kansas, Memphis and DePaul. And, NO, I did not list those schools in alphabetical order.

Things To Do While Waiting For Cliff Alexander

There are still five days to go before Cliff Alexander makes a decision. That's plenty of time to do something that isn't stalking Cliff Alexander.

Cliff's Crystal Ball Is Turning Orange

It doesn't actually mean anything, but it's a pretty good sign.

Cliff Will Not Have An In-Home With Kansas

He's still considering Kansas, though, so don't go celebrating or anything.

John Groce Owns The Night

John Groce doesn't sleep, which doesn't even crack the top 5 of his superpowers.

Isn't Recruiting Fun?

We on that roller coaster ride.

Illini Land 2015 Recruit D.J. Williams

The first member of the 2015 class is revealed and JFG keeps being JFG.

Alexander Refutes Report He's Down To Two Schools

There are still 11 days to go and I expect Cliff Alexander to refute this before I even finish typing up the post.

Cliff Alexander no longer considering Michigan State

More from your source on everything Cliff Alexander, Ms. Taylor Rooks. Not exactly a shocking development if you've been paying attention. However, it's nice to officially know that if Cliff doesn't come to Illinois we won't have to deal with him in the B1G.

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