Illinois Depth Chart vs Southern Illinois

Andy Lyons

We have our first official depth chart of the season!

Illinois released its first official depth chart for the 2013 season, so even though we've had a good idea for a few weeks, now we can officially say we know who the starters are. And, since he's listed at third on the depth chart, we also know that the Illini don't plan on redshirting Aaron Bailey this fall.

Bill Cubit basically said as much today.

Anyway, here's the depth chart. Bold denotes starter, italics denote freshmen (redshirt or true).


QB: Nathan Scheelhaase / Reilly O'Toole /Aaron Bailey

RB: Donovonn Young / Josh Ferguson / Dami Ayoola

WR-X: Ryan Lankford / Devin Church

WR-T: Miles Osei / Martize Barr

WR-Z: Spencer Harris / Justin Hardee / Steve Hull

TE: Evan Wilson OR Matt LaCosse OR Jon Davis / Tim Clary / Tyler White

LT: Simon Cvijanovic / Dallas Hinkhouse

LG: Michael Heitz / Austin Schmidt

C: Alex Hill / Jake Feldmeyer / Chris O'Connor

RG: Ted Karras / Joe Spencer / Christian DiLauro

RT: Corey Lewis / Patrick Flavin


DE: Tim Kynard / Kenny Nelson / Jarrod Clements

NT: Jake Howe / Robbie Bain / Bryce Douglas

DT: Austin Teitsma / Teko Powell / Abe Cajuste

LEO: Houston Bates / DeJazz Woods / Dawuane Smoot

WLB: Jonathan Brown / Zepheniah Grimes / Henry Dickinson

MLB: Mason Monheim / T.J. Neal

STAR: Mike Svetina OR Eric Finney / James Crawford / B.J. Bello

CB: V'Angelo Bentley / Jaylen Dunlap / Dillan Cazley

CB: Eaton Spence / Darius Mosely / Caleb Day

SS: Earnest Thomas / Zane Petty / Davontay Kwaaning

FS: Taylor Barton / Jevaris Little / Darwyn Kelly


K: Taylor Zalewski / Brennen VanMieghem / Ryan Frain

P: Justin DuVernois / Ryan Frain / Brad Janitz

KR: Miles Osei / V'Angelo Bentley / Josh Ferguson / Ryan Lankford

PR: V'Angelo Bentley / Miles Osei / Martize Barr

As you can see, there's still some question as to whom will start at both tight end and the STAR position. Also, while there's plenty of freshman on the second and third tier of the depth chart, you'll notice that Taylor Barton is the only freshman in the starting lineup, though it is his second year with the team.

Also, I wouldn't be very surprised if Darius Mosely makes his way on the field in certain situations.

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