2013 Nashville Regional: Vanderbilt Primer

Vandy OF Mike Yaztrzemski, does that name sound familiar? - James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

Get to know the best team in the Nashville Regional.

Yesterday we wrote a primer on Illinois baseball for those of you who are unfamiliar with Illini baseball, but it would only make sense to teach you about the opponents the Illini will be facing in Nashville this weekend, doesn't it? I mean, what fun is it to irrationally hate your opposition when you don't know anything about that opposition?

So, with that in mind, today we'll share some info about the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Vandy is far and away the favorite in the Nashville Regional, and for good reason. I mean, the games are being played in Vandy's stadium for a reason, and it's because Vandy earned it. And there's no way the Illini are getting to the Super Regional without getting past the Commodores first.


Record: 51-9

SEC Record: 26-3

Manager: Tim Corbin

RPI: 2nd

Strength of schedule: 18th

Polls: CBN - 2nd, Coaches Poll - 2nd

Offensive Team Statistics (National Rank)

Batting Average: .317 (Tie-7th)

On-base Percentage: .411 (Tie 5th)

Slugging Percentage: .449 (Tie-16th)

Runs per game: 7.2 (Tie-12th)

Home Runs per game: 0.65 (Tie-43rd)

Stolen Bases: 126 (8th)

Individual Offensive Leaders (National Rank)

Batting Average: Tony Kemp .402 (6th)

On-base Percentage: Tony Kemp .482 (Tie-19th)

Slugging Percentage: Connor Harrell .544 (Tie-112th)

Runs scored: Tony Kemp 61 (Tie-19th)

Home Runs: Connor Harrell 11 (Tie-44th)

Runs Batted In: Connor Harrell 64 (Tie-16th)

Stolen Bases: Tony Kemp 30 (Tie-14th)

Team Pitching & Defense Statistics (National Rank)

ERA: 2.80 (Tie-18th)

WHIP: 1.23 (Tie-17th)

Strikeouts per 9 Innings: 8.0 (Tie-17th)

Walks per 9 Innings: 3.94 (200th)

K/BB: 2.03 (Tie-95th)

Fielding Percentage: .976 (Tie-19th)

Individual Pitching Leaders (National Rank)

Wins: Tyler Beede 14 (1st)

ERA: Kevin Ziomek 2.05 (Tie-55th)

Saves: Brian Miller 15 (Tie-11th)

Strikeouts: Kevin Ziomek 106 (Tie-13th)

Innings Pitched: Kevin Ziomek 105.1

Average Against: Tyler Beede .179

Likely Starting Lineup

1. Tony Kemp - 2B

2. Xavier Turner - 3B

3. Mike Yastrzemski (yep) - RF

4. Connor Harrell - CF

5. Conrad Gregor - 1B

6. Tyler Beede - DH

7. Vince Conde - SS

8. John Norwood - LF

9. Spencer Navin - C

Starting Rotation

1. Kevin Ziomek

2. Tyler Beede

3. Phillip Pfeifer

4. Walker Buehler

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