Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Indiana's Still The Champ Here

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Because what the hell is the point of playing a sport if you aren't going to rank the teams involved in order of their POWER?

There is only one weekend of the regular season left before the conference takes a few days off and heads to Chicago for the Big Ten Tournament, and while there's still some questions about which school or schools will be crowned regular season champions it's starting to look like Indiana will finish as the Big Ten's Power Rankings champs.

With only one game left I don't think it's possible Michigan or Michigan State can catch the Hoosiers, even if Michigan beats Indiana this weekend.

Team (Points, Last Week) -- This Week's Games

1. INDIANA 25-5, 13-4 (132,1) -- 3/10 at Michigan

2. MICHIGAN 25-5, 12-5 (125, 3) -- 3/10 vs Indiana

3. MICHIGAN STATE 23-7, 12-5 (117, 2) -- 3/10 vs Northwestern

4. OHIO STATE 22-7, 12-5 (111, 4) -- 3/10 vs Illinois

5. WISCONSIN 20-10, 11-6 (92, 5) -- 3/10 at Penn State

6. MINNESOTA 20-10, 8-9 (90, 7) -- 3/9 at Purdue

7. IOWA 19-11, 8-9 (88, 6) -- 3/9 vs Nebraska

8. ILLINOIS 21-10, 8-9 (83, 8) -- 3/10 at Ohio State

9. PURDUE 14-16, 7-10 (55, 9) -- 3/9 vs Minnesota

10. NORTHWESTERN 13-17, 4-13 (53, 9) -- 3/10 at Michigan State

11. NEBRASKA 14-16, 5-12 (51, 11) -- 3/9 at Iowa

12. PENN STATE 10-19, 2-15 (40, 12) -- 3/10 vs Wisconsin

As you can see, the biggest change this week is that Michigan passed Michigan State to get back to second place, but other than that it's just a couple of teams jockeying positions. The only notable difference this week is Wisconsin, who after finishing with over 100 points last week drops back down to 92 and is now a lot closer to Illinois than it is Ohio State.

With the Illini they remain in eighth place and are actually closer to Iowa now than they were last week before losing to Iowa. Still, it was a little sad to see the rankings proved "right" with the loss, but I guess we can all take solace in the fact that we'll be in the tournament no matter what while Iowa pretty much has to win the conference tournament.

And it won't.

Here's how everybody fared during the last week. As I already mentioned, Wisconsin had the worst week.

Team (Points Gained/Lost)





5. PURDUE (2)





10. INDIANA (-2)

10. IOWA (-2)

12. WISCONSIN (-12)

Last week's rankings are here.

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