Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Sorry, Indiana

Joe Robbins

Just kidding, I'm not sorry at all.

The difference between Michigan and Indiana in last week's power rankings was so small that I assumed whoever won the game between the two teams that weekend would be on top of the rankings this week. Well, Indiana won that game, but then did something nobody expected it to.

It lost to Illinois. Did ya hear?

As a result Michigan gets to keep its hold on the top spot in the power rankings, and in spite of a crazy week, there isn't a whole lot of movement as far as positions are concerned. And what did Illinois' win over Indiana get it? Well, keep reading to find out.

Team (Points, Last Week) -- This Week's Games

1. MICHIGAN (133, 1) -- 2/9 at Wisconsin, 2/12 at Michigan State

2. INDIANA (129, 2) -- 2/10 at Ohio State, 2/13 vs Nebraska

3. MICHIGAN STATE (116, 4) -- 2/9 at Purdue, 2/12 vs Michigan

4. OHIO STATE (107, 3) -- 2/10 vs Indiana, 2/14 vs Northwestern

5. MINNESOTA (98, 5) -- 2/10 vs Illinois, 2/14 vs Wisconsin

6. WISCONSIN (89, 6) -- 2/9 vs Michigan, 2/14 at Minnesota

7. IOWA (77, 7) -- 2/9 vs Northwestern, 2/14 at Penn State

8. ILLINOIS (74, 8) -- 2/10 at Minnesota, 2/13 vs Purdue

9. NORTHWESTERN (70, 9) -- 2/9 at Iowa, 2/14 at Ohio State

10. PURDUE (59, 10) -- 2/9 vs Michigan State, 2/13 at Illinois

11. NEBRASKA (46, 11) -- 2/9 vs Penn State, 2/13 at Indiana

12. PENN STATE (35, 12) -- 2/9 at Nebraska, 2/14 vs Iowa

So Michigan State is the only team to pick up a spot this week after it won its only game of the week and the Buckeyes split their two games. They were only separated by two points last week, so it's not exactly a shock that one loss could set Ohio State that far back.

As for Illinois, yeah, the win over Indiana was really nice. However, the home loss against Wisconsin earlier in the week keeps the Illini from being able to get in front of Iowa, though they did gain some ground.

And speaking of gaining ground, here's a new feature in the Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: a weekly ranking of sorts. Yep, here's a look at how the teams fared in just the last week based on how many points they earned or lost in the rankings.

Team (Points Gained/Lost)







7. INDIANA (-1)

7. NEBRASKA (-1)

9. PURDUE (-2)

10. PENN STATE (-3)

11. MINNESOTA (-4)

11. IOWA (-4)


Our #1 last week Michigan had to go on the road to take on our #2 Indiana. This week our #1 Michigan gets to go on the road to take on our #3 Michigan State. Life in the Big Ten is not easy. Unless you're Iowa this week and get Northwestern at home and a road trip to Penn State.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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